About CyBet

The CyBet community main idea is to set up a fully decentralized betting club based on the blockchain, where a cryptocurrency CyBet token, with secure smart contracts, will be used as a means of betting and payment. With CyBet token you can participate on CyBet as betting company by list your odds or participate in betting by selecting the most attractive odds of your favorite sports!


CyBet Club platform with CyBet allows you to set betting odds or place a bet on major sports anywhere in the world using secure smart contracts. CyBet is decentralized and is self-regulating. No more worries about regulations or betting companies also known as bookmakers. In addition, the betting platform will ensure that all CyBet Club members are 100% anonymous and thus protecting identities. CyBet Club members will use preferred nicknames in the betting platform.

100% of CyBet Club operating revenue is used to reward the CyBet token holders for their loyalty by taking the CyBet token revenue out of circulation for 1,000days; and that's where it gets exciting, the more bets users place the more valuable CyBet becomes. That's because taking Cybet tokens out of circulation for 1,000days using secure smart contracts shrinks the token supply and scarcity drives up the price of CyBet. We call this value coupling. The usage of CyBet is systematically tied to the value of the token. The passion for sports must be rewarded.

Betting Problem & Solution

CyBet using CyBet token for betting solves both traditional betting solution existing cryptocurrency betting solutions that are not fully decentralized.


Centralize Network
  • Betting Companies make the most from betting participants
  • Betting Odds are not competitive since they are fully controlled by the central company.
  • Regulated


Decentralize Network
  • Using CyBet token on CyBet bring in a fully decentralized betting solution where no one owns the solution. The betting solution is 100% community owned.
  • Betting Odds very competitive. CyBet token holders can participate as betting company and offer competitive odds to attract betting participants. The most attractive bets have the highest priority listing.
  • No regulation is required because the solution is run by the community.


Other Betting Cryptocurrency
  • Other existing betting cryptocurrency do not solve critical issues of traditional betting. They only introduce cryptocurrency coins for betting but betting its self is still centralized and therefore the beneficiary still remains to be the central company just like the traditional betting.
  • Betting Odds are not competitive since they are fully controlled by the central company.
  • Mostly regulated


CyBet token
  • Benefits each stakeholder in the blockchain.
  • The betting and payment is controlled by the network.
  • No regulation is required because the solution is run by the community.

ICO Tokens Details

Number of tokens for sale
60 Million
Soft Cap
25 Million
Hard Cap
60 Million
Total Token Supply
210 Million
Acceptable currencies
Current Token Sale Price
1 ETH = 1,000 CYBT
Nov 12, 2018 (09:00HRS GMT)
Mar 31, 2019 (21:00HRS GMT)
Tokens Distributed
The ICO Ethereum Address is
(Send ETH to this ICO Address to get CyBet Tokens)
The Token Address is
(DO NOT send ETH to this Token Address)

Token Allocation

  • 60% Token Sale Program
  • 8% Reserve Fund
  • 15% Team and Founders
  • 4% Board Advisors
  • 7% Ecosystem Development
  • 6% Marketing and Bounty
  • 40% Product Develoment
  • 12% Business Development
  • 20% Marketing
  • 10% Future Enhancements
  • 6% Partner/Investor
  • 8% Operational
  • 4% Contingency


CyBet technology solutions aims to be exceptional to provide all participants with a reliable solution.

Responsive Design

Our application will use latest mobile and web technology for great user experience.

Easy to Communicate

Betting participants & betting ‘companies’ shall have instant, secure and private messaging.

Safe & Secure

Betting rules shall be incorporated on the CyBet tokens smart contract to ensure that both Betting participants & betting ‘companies’ coins are secured.

Easy to Buy & Sale Token

We aim to have our tokens readily available on top exchanges for ease of buying and selling.



The community team is working tirelessly to be ahead of schedule to give room for more solution testing and essential addons.

2018 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble - Constitute Technical and Advisory Team
2018 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper development
2018 Q3
Token Design
  • Design & Develop ICO Smart Contract
  • Design Betting Smart Contracts
  • Design Token Vault Smart Contract
2018 Q4
Token Sale
  • Private Mini Token Sale - Testing Automated Token Distribution with Smart Contracts
  • Public ICO Token Sale
2019 Q1
Betting Smart Contracts
  • Develop Betting Smart Contracts
  • Develop Token Vault Smart Contract
2019 Q2
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Mobile & Web Sports Betting Application
2019 Q3
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Mobile & Web Sports Betting Application with API Integrated
  • Custom Sport Betting Odds Integration
2019 Q4
  • External Trusted Sport Betting Odds Integration
  • Web Sports Betting Application Alpha & Beta Tests
  • Web Sports Betting Application Beta Release
2020 Q1
  • Web Sports Betting Application Release
  • Mobile Sports Betting Application Alpha & Beta Tests
  • Mobile Sports Betting Application Beta Release
2020 Q2
  • Mobile Sports Betting Application Release
  • Pre-launch marketing
2020 Q3/Q4
  • Mobile & Web Sports Betting Application Launch
  • Product Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have any other questions, please get in touch with CyBet community as given below:

Copy the below address

Do NOT make payment through exchange. You can use MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mist wallets etc.

  • Using Metamask, (If you don't have Metamask installed on your browser, please visit metamask.io to download it). Send Ethereum (ETH) to the address you just copied.
  • Please wait for a few minutes to receive your CyBet tokens.
  • CyBet tokens will be automatically sent to your Ethereum (ETH) address immediately after transaction is completed and confirmed.

You are not required to register for this ICO. The purchase of CyBet tokens is fully automated. Follow instructions on how to buy Cybet Tokens.

CyBet tokens will be automatically sent to your Ethereum (ETH) address immediately upon purchase. The time it takes for you to receive the token will depend on how long the transaction is confirmed.

You will own Cybet Token. CyBet Token may be used in the following ways:

  • CyBet user as a Bookmaker: Become your own betting company and provide competitive odds of a particular game and enjoy full privileges of a betting company by earning exponential profits.
  • CyBet user as a betting participant: Participate in betting by selecting the most attractive odds listed by the betting companies. You can bet on your favorite sports from European soccer to basketball.

Ethereum (ETH) is the only wallet that can be used for contributing in CyBet Tokens


The CyBet Token symbol is CYBT with 18 decimal places and is ECR20 compatible token with the below token address.

Token address

We recommend using:

  • Metamask
  • MyEtherWallet
  • Parody
  • Mist
  • imToken

CyBet club is a global community of CyBet Club platform developers and token CyBet holders that is fully independent. CyBet Club is not a registered company or organization in any jurisdiction.

Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency second only to Bitcoin in terms of capitalization, and second to it only in popularity. ETH is the only wallet that can be used for contributing in CyBet Tokens. We strongly recommend that you use only those wallets that can export private keys. It is not recommended to use the wallets of exchanges.

To purchase CyBet Tokens and work with the system, we recommend using the following compatible ETH wallets:

Contact CyBet

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.